TataMonate means
“lekker” place
in Tswana

A little bit about TataMonate

TataMonate offers an authentically South African wildlife experience where each guest can appreciate the beautiful fauna and flora and enjoy a whole basket full of activities.

TataMonate is more than just a luxury camp, more than a dream safari game destination, more than the perfect African escape, but rather a “Lekker” place that feels like home.  TataMonate is known for its rich Anglo Boer War heritage.  TataMonate means ‘Lekker place to be’ in Tswana and it perfectly describes our mission when accommodating our guests. We are located 12 km from Ventersdorp and 35 km from Coligny on the beautiful farm Ratswolf, not too far from or too close to the big city lights. It is the perfect breakaway location for the whole family to experience the unique wildlife and tranquility of the African Bush in absolute seclusion.

Hunting at TataMonate

TataMonate welcomes all Jacks of all trades, whether you’re a trophy hunter, hunting for the venison of biltong or just doing it for fun. You can experience the thrill of walk-and-stalk hunting while viewing the best game possible.

Safari at TataMonate

TataMonate offers “Lekker” Safari Game drives where we strive to create a special true African Wildlife experience.

We will arrange safari game drives that suit your specific needs.

Accommodation at TataMonate

TataMonate Safari Camp is set in a secluded relaxed area and is perfect for friends and family to bond and reunite.

The Viviers Family:

This farm has been owned by the Viviers since 1885 and has turned into a camp destination in 1935 when an Italian man was welcomed as a guest who stayed on Ratswolf for 2 years.

For many years the Viviers family dreamt of building the perfect hunting spot and in 2002 Jacques Viviers (4th generation Viviers) made the dream a reality by opening TataMonate – archery, hunting camp.  TataMonate developed from strength to strength and Jacques, his son Pierre and daughter Nanna forms the heart of the camp. They welcome, inspire, treat, entertain and make each guest feel at home.